A React component that allows users to drag and move both regular DOM elements as well as SVG elements.

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Your move.

I love making interesting interactive web things, and I recently wrote an article about creating a useDrag hook in React. Like I mentioned in that article, there are about a bazillion drag and/or drop libraries out there, both specifically for React or otherwise. For example, react-beautiful-dnd is, well, a beautiful drag and drop implementation that’s intended to be used to move between lists, a lot like Trello. …

Different ways of type guarding and how they work, with wizard examples.

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TypeScript rules, and I’ve spent hours converting various JS(X) files to TS(X). Along the way, I’ve encountered quite a few head-scratchers. One recent issue I ran into was a problem that necessitated the use of a type guard, which serves to “guard” a certain block of code from using the wrong type(s). It’s a relatively simple concept, but I thought I’d go through some of the common type guards…using examples with wizards!

Let’s say you’ve got yourself a ragtag fellowship of adventurers on a quest to destroy an ancient and evil ring, and the fate of all hangs in the balance. …

Handle element drag behaviors with a custom reusable React hook

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There’re approximately one billion libraries that handle moving and dragging for React floating around the Reactiverse, and a lot of them are actually pretty rad. Sometimes, though, you might not want a fully fledged library, or the libraries you found don’t accomplish what you need, or you just like to learn stuff and want to write your own darn code! 🤓

Something else to point out is that the hook we’ll be building is meant to be used for dragging an element on the page and actually changing its position through a CSS property. We’ll therefore be using pointer event handlers (onpointermove, onpointerdown, etc.) to move our element . …


Tanner Marshall

Creative director and engineer at Osmosis.org. An illustrator/video creator turned web developer; now I create tools that help create engaging videos!

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